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Ransom Rich Entertainment Company Has Launched a Feature Film Crowdfunding Campaign

Ransom Rich Entertainment is offering equity rewards for those interested in putting money in low budget feature films, starting at only $500.

<p>Ransom Rich Entertainment is a full service talent company, working in film &amp; television production, talent management, music production &amp; promotion, and publicity. Owned by Richard Ransom, and 15-year talent veteran, the company is in negotiations with several competitors for television projects launching in 2016-2017. Richard Ransom is an American entrepreneur, producer, writer, director, and talent manager, born in Columbia City, Indiana. He first moved to Los Angeles in 2004 to embark on an entertainment career. Prior to that, he held several jobs, including that of a postal carrier and an EMT. In 2005, he founded Find Your Crew, Inc for $5,000, which later was sold for over $250,000, and became the ever popular He is best known as a ghost writer for the network series Scrubs, during the 2006-2007 seasons, and several intermediate budget indie films. As a talent manager and scout, he is credited for the discovery of Riley Smith, Haley Joel Osment, James Franco, Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer ("The Help"), and Shia LaBeouf. He also co-managed the road tours of music sensations Backstreet Boys and N' Sync under Lou Perlman. He has managed other popular names like Anthony Perkins, Virgin recording artist Amanda Perez, Billy Ray Cyrus, singer Brooke Hogan (the daughter of Hulk Hogan), David Hasselhoff, Kevin Bacon, and Sonny Shroyer. Ransom was also the former owner of the IHL Dayton Gems professional hockey organization from 2008-2009, and the owner several pizza buffet and casual dining restaurants in Northeast Indiana and Western Ohio. Ransom recently launched a feature film crowdfunding campaign, that offers <strong>equity</strong> and <strong>rewards</strong>. Be a producer and earn profit for as little as $500. Detailed information is available at Also, for accredited investors, a $25,000 investment gets you a 1% equity stake (1,000 shares) of the company; the company valuation is presently 1.75M, based on revenue last year (800k), and current options. For more information about the company, projects, or investments, contact <strong>Richard Ransom</strong> at (818) 860-8400 or email</p>

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